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Virtual and Plastic Advanced Cash cards

Virtual and Plastic Advanced Cash cards / Solutions

Easy, Reliable, Minimal Fees

Get your Advanced Cash plastic or virtual MasterCard in USD or EUR now. Minimal fees and no monthly or annual charges. Withdraw your money worldwide, shop for free (POS transactions), get your cards funded by other Advanced Cash users instantly.

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Plastic Card

Your ultimate and versatile shopping and withdrawal tool. Order your card today for 4.99 USD/EUR only. We don't charge any monthly or annual fees and offer highly competitive rates.

  • 0 USD/EUR monthly fee
  • 0% for any USD/EUR purchases
  • 1.99 ATM withdrawal in USD/EUR
  • 90,000 USD/EUR monthly limit for ATM cash withdrawals
  • 3,000 USD/EUR daily limit for ATM cash withdrawals
  • 3,000 USD/EUR daily card funding limit

Virtual Card

Your way to shop online smart and safe. Get your Advanced Cash virtual MasterCard for just 1 USD/EUR. Enjoy free POS transactions, no annual fees, and instant funding from your account or other accounts.

  • 0 USD/EUR monthly fee
  • 0% for USD/EUR transactions
  • Instant creation for just 1 USD/EUR
  • Available immediately
  • Issued for 3 years

Card Pricing

Per MonthFreeFree
Per YearFreeFree
Card Transactions
Funding E-wallet > Card$/€ 0.99$/€ 0.99
ATM Withdrawal$/€ 1.99
PurchasesFree (in USD/EUR)Free (in USD/EUR)
Withdrawal Card > E-walletFreeFree
Daily Limit
Load Funds$/€ 3,000$/€ 3,000
ATM Withdrawal$/€ 3,000
Payment for Purchases$/€ 10,000$/€ 10,000
Other Transactions
Card Creation$/€ 4.99 (14.99 after 7 days)$/€ 1 **
PIN Change$/€ 1
Balance Inquiry$/€ 0.5
Chargeback$/€ 35$/€ 35
Currency exchange (FX fee)2.95%2.95%
Card Reissue$/€ 9.99$/€ 9.99

2.99 for other currencies + 2.95% FX fee

* * + 1 + 0.99 $/€ funding